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We provide fresh produce, eggs, beef, and beautiful cut flowers at our farm shop and by delivery. We have several options to get our products into your hands and onto your table. You can call or place an online order and we'll get your box ready. We offer deliveries in Charlevoix, Boyne City, and East Jordan on select days of the week. You can also pick up your box at our farm shop whatever day of the week you need it. 

Local produce is seasonal, but you can get guaranteed freshness and the best flavors this way.

We grow a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and often pair up with other local farms to provide options that we do not grow ourselves. Please visit our interactive calendar to get an idea of when we expect to have the produce you are looking for.


Fresh cut flowers can brighten anybody's day. Get a bucket or a bouquet for a loved one or yourself!

We grow a diversity of perennial and annual flowers that can be purchased by the stem or can be arranged into a beautiful bouquet. Please visit our produce flower calendar to get an idea of when we expect to have the flowers you are looking for. You can pick your own bouquet by appointment.  

We have high-quality beef and eggs ready to be put in your refrigerator. Our animals are free of antibiotics and steroids. 

We have beef year-round, you just need to let us know what cut you want and how much you need. Eggs are a year-round product as well and are sold by the dozen. Our animals receive the utmost care and the cattle can often be seen grazing in our pastures by the main farm. 


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